Highlights to Play Online Blackjack at PutWin Casino


In versions of Blackjack 21, and Pontoon, the bets and payouts are set before the start of the blackjack online game. But there are points in the rules of numerous casinos that greatly differ from each other.

In one version, the amount of the additional bet must be equal to the original bet, or the additional bet may differ from the placed one. In other options, insurance is automatically charged on half of the total bet at the start of the draw.

We recommend that you fully understand the rules to play for online blackjack real money at PutWin Casino, and gain experience in demo mode.

The Classic Online Blackjack 21

Online Blackjack 21

Thanks to the functions adapted in the software, the selection of bets takes a couple of seconds. Chips are at the bottom of the screen in ascending / descending order. The chip of the selected denomination is placed on the playing place by pressing the button. Limits are always visible. You will know exactly how much you can place on a pair of cards with a couple of mouse clicks. Bets can be placed on every free square on the table.

After determining the bet amount and pressing the “Play” button, the cards are dealt with all players. As soon as blackjack 21 starts, the “split”, “insurance”, “double” option buttons will automatically appear on the screen in addition to the “hit” and “stand” buttons. Winnings are paid out at the end of each hand according to the general rules. The amount won will be added to your account and immediately available for further use.

Loss of Connection: Options to Restore Blackjack at PutWin Casino

Blackjack at PutWin

The worst situation any online casino blackjack player can face is a sudden loss of internet connection while playing for the reason of computer or software technical failure, or an interruption in data transmission. Regardless of the origin of the problem, you can be sure that your capital will not disappear, as there are different protocols for this type of situation.

Since the dealer is one and only you are betting on the game, in case the connection is interrupted, the development of the hand will be suspended from the last registered point. The data will be archived on the operator’s servers and restored to continue blackjack online.

According to the terms of the software provider, there is a time limit for restarting the game from 30 to 90 days. Therefore, in such situations, you will be somewhat limited in time.

Option 1. Wait passively without taking any further action.

The croupier compares the points. Perhaps he is overkill, i.e. his cards have more than “21” and you will win automatically. Conversely, the hand will be lost if you have an insufficient count or the dealer gets blackjack.

The following games will be rejected as you cannot place any further bets, i.e. place chips. The disadvantage for the player when the connection is broken is only in those cases when the hit of the next card at your request would have given a winning combination.

Option 2. The game is continued automatically

The tables use Random Number Generators (RNG) to simulate the dealer’s behavior and lead the hand at the end of the game. In this case, the same cards discovered in the live broadcast are used, but in a blackjack virtual version. This protocol is the fairest, as it allows users to have 100% control of the situation.

Option 3. Interruption of sending/receiving data

This is the automatic application of the basic blackjack tabulation strategy when the internet connection is lost. The player can be confident that the system will take over and deliver the best solution to create a winning hand. This option is completely in your favor.

Operator in this option provides the greatest possible sense of security and confidence. If the system fails more than once during an online game, real money is lost, the credibility of the casino decreases, and the player’s perception that he has become a victim of fraud grows.

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