How to Play Keno Game at PutWin Casino

Keno in PutWin Casino

Keno is very similar to those found in any lottery and betting system. The game concept is practically very similar to La Primitiva, Bonoloto, or Euromillon, as it is about choosing numbers in the hope that they will be winning.

This game bears a special resemblance to online Bingo. The only difference is that a gambler in bingo has predetermined numbers on each card. And in our case, the players determine not only numbers but also their quantity to launch into the game. The aim is to match player’s numbers with those that come out of the reel during the game.

The more numbers match, the more chances to win since all numbers need to match. In this game, everything depends on luck, as in any gambling. The random dropping out of numbers is provided by RNG. Due to the strong demand, casinos recreate the «keno-atmosphere» on their sites. But instead of pencils, gamblers use a mouse to hit numbers on an online grid.

The procedure to play online keno

Over the past two decades, many casinos have moved their games to the online world, where Keno has also ended up. But the rules of the game in the online version remain the same. The only difference is that they play on digital cards and not on real cardboard cards or paper.

Keno in PutWin

To realize a desire to experience the excitement in the online Keno game, gamblers are invited to visit the PutWin casino website, register, and select numbers from the grid of 80 numbers. Then choose a maximum of 20 numbers. The more – the higher your potential winnings will be.

The player should be guided by his game experience. The final results largely depend on the selected numbers. Usually, the selection range is from 1 to 20. Then the bet amounts are determined. The minimum (1) and maximum (10) bets, and the limit of numbers are determined by a casino.

In online programs that have grids for several simultaneous rounds, known as “multi-race tickets” you can use the same numbers up to 5 rounds. The more numbers are involved, the more difficult is to drop all selected numbers, the greater the winning will be.

All maximum possible random 20 numbers out of 80 possible are generated by the RNG and dropped out of the reel. The best strategy to determine the number of potential winnings and the quantity of played numbers are formed by the player based on knowledge of the rules established in the casino. The optimal rate of 8 to 10 numbers minimizes the house edge.

Some prefer to bet on late numbers, others go for favorites or consecutive combinations, such as 10 and 11, 32 and 33. But, with the quantity of the same numbers, you bet on, the odds of one number being the winner are the same for any of these, from 1 to 80.

Tips to be a Winner

There is no single strategy well-designed to play online Keno that will make you win, but we will show you tips that facilitate the path to victory. Some tactics can be followed to at least avoid losing your bet in an instant, and even go so far as to win a decent jackpot.

The best advice has less to do with playing technique than with the psychology of the player. Controlling your nerves and impatience is a fundamental part of this game.

Filling in the card and waiting for the next round is a somewhat slow process. It is important to stay calm in such intervals between rounds so that you do not spend all the money in excitement and haste.

You need to play carefully, keep the pace of the game low and not over-increase your bets. Losing will not hurt your finances as long as you play within your budget. Follow our advice, and online keno will become a really attractive game and give you pleasant moments of leisure in an online casino.

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