Practical Knowledge: How to Play Roulette Online at PutWin Casino

The rules of playing real money online roulette don’t seem difficult to understand. The main difficulty lies in studying the roulette specifics. Options for bets and payments on them differ significantly, and this determines different gaming strategies.

Types and features of online roulettes

online roulettes

The basic strategic roulette rule means playing games with fewer wheel sectors. The more of them, the fewer appear winning chances. Numbers from 0 to 36 are located on roulette wheels. Such numbering is typical for almost all varieties of this game.

European the same as French roulette types have 37 numbers each and one zero sectors. Roulette Boulle is numbered from one to eight, but there is no standard zero in it. There are 38 sectors on the American Roulette wheel due to the 00-sector has been added. The European roulette appears much more profitable than the American analog.

Numerous online casinos, including PutWin Casino, offer a wide variety of roulette. You always can find online roulettes that give you good winning chances. The variety of bets stimulates online roulette popularity. There are 2 main categories of bets known as inside and outside.

The first assumes bets on narrow ranges, such as 1-6, 7-12, etc. Outside bets include wider intervals of hitting the ball or other signs that give significant winning chances but do not bring significant profits: black/red, or even / odd, or dozens of numbers, etc.

You can make several bets in each bet. This makes online roulettes even more fun and allows you to complement the game with forward-looking moves. A good example of this strategy is placing a low-probability but high-payout bet along with another high-probability but low-payout bet to insure the first bet.

There is no universal bet, which would be good for absolutely all players. However, knowing the game rules, the payout system, and each bet type’s probabilistic indicators is extremely important for winning. Such knowledge helps to consciously choose the most optimal rate.

How to Play Roulette in an Online Casino Correctly?

Play Roulette online

The aim of the roulette game online is that the gambler needs to guess the number on which the ball will stop. The task is not easy, but the roulette game rules make it simpler since the player can make other types of bets.

In case you bet on red/black, the chances to correctly guess the color are about 48%. Agree that this is a lot. After all, the probability of guessing a single number is 2.7%.

When a ball gets to the zero sector, all gamer bets go to the online casino. However, some types of roulette have exceptions that you should be familiar with before playing online roulette. Let’s take a look at them.

American Roulette may have a Surrender rule at the discretion of the casino. When the ball hits zero or double zero, the player receives back half of the wagered amount.

The En Prison rule relates to French Roulette. According to it, when a ball gets to zero, the player keeps his bet. However, it is not returned but is carried over to the next spin, that is, to the re-drawing of the bet.

European roulette determines that a part of his bet is returned to a player for equal chances when the zero falls out. That is, he receives 50% of the amount wagered according to the La Partage rule. But this rule is not provided in all online casinos.

Before gambling, be sure to try playing for free. Online casino PutWin Casino provides its customers with the opportunity to play roulette in demo mode to gain the necessary experience and to experiment with different bets and playing methods before risking their own money.

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